School Fees

In order to give quality education / facilities to our learners the school has to have the necessary financial backing. We rely on many different sources of income through fund raising, sponsorship, contributions from the WCED as well as the timely contribution from our parents in the form of school funds payable. The school has a dedicated financial manager who administers the financial aspects of running a modern school as well as seeing that the funds are administered according to the yearly budget.

The school fees payable for 2021 can be viewed here: SKOOLFOOISTRUKTUUR 2021.docx

School clothing price list can be viewed here: Skoolklere pryslys 2021 Clothing price list


Parents have the option to registering online. Please complete the forms in full so that we can be sure that we have
correct information for parents and learners. The registration fee, as well as January’s school fee (and if necessary hostel fee), can be paid electronically. Ms Moreen Roux will then send you proof of registration and payment.

If you want to register at the school itself, we request that parents register their children any day from Tuesday, 2
February between 8:30 and 10:30, to prevent congestion. Parents of hostel learners who cannot register ahead of
time can register at the school office on the 15th of February from 8:00 to 10:00. Hostel learners must first register at
the office before they can move into the hostel.