Huis Theresa

Theresa hostel is honestly a home away from home. All the girls are united.

They are really trying to set traditions again. One sure tradition are having a hostel farewell at the end of the year for the matrics. Next year they are planning to have their own hostel concert where they will invite their parents to watch.

They have a lot of fun bonding together, playing games and having girl chats. They have 3 hours of study and during examination, they have 4 hours of study. On Wednesday afternoons they have the privilege to go to town. Wednesday evenings, for the girls that like to participate, they have Bible study where they share testimonies, pray for each other, worship with music videos and learn a little bit more of the Lord and of each other.

Direct words from the head girl 2017: “All the girls a truly united. Yes we have our ups and downs, but no matter what we are always there for each other.”