De Villiers Graaff High School is in the privileged position to have three hostels available for children wanting to be part of this magical school.

Currently all the boys and girls of Theresa and Du Raan hostels stays in Theresa while Du Raan is undergoing major upgrades to make it top quality and very modern. We are so excited as it is nearing the end for its renovation process.

After Du Raan is upgraded, Theresa will be next.

At present we have 64 hostel learners. In 2017 we hope to have 90, and we are just going to grow and grow and grow.

Graaff Saal is where the golf boys live. They are also part of all Theresa and Du Raan’s fun and games, but because golfers need to practice a lot, they live separately so they can follow their own routine and program for study times, etc.

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